Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello Bloggin World! My name is April (BKA- Ariella's Mommy). I'm a 32yr old Business Professional and a mom of one of the most beautiful 10yr old girls in the world. My beautiful child is my world, my strength and reason for trying harder to be the best me I can be.For most of Ariella's Life I spent it as a single mom, raising her on my own. Althoughsometime things have been a little rough, together, with God by our side, we always get through every obstacle in our life.
Today I'm living my life Happy, Blessed, and Madly in LOVE with my SOUL MATE Scott. And TODAY... we share the same name... Mr. + Mrs. MacAdams. We had a private wedding ceremony on July 7th 2008 and our Church Wedding plans are being made for November 22ND of 2009... How luck am I??? I get to marry my Soulmate 2 times in life, LOL ;0}I will keep all of you posted of the details!!!
My Friend Delores @ work was telling me how much fun she had blogging and has introduced me to this Bloggin' World! I'm always up for trying something new, especially if Me + Ariella can benefit from it and get some cool new ideas for Family fun!
During the day, I work as a Staffing Coordinator + I spend my time Staffing RN's @ a well known Downtown Baltimore Hospital. I love my job because of my great staff and co-workers. But just like every work place enviroment I have those Bosses, Management, and the ever poplular back stabber co-worker... who doesn't??? but you make the best of your days by killing those people with kindness!
My evenings and weekends are filled with spending time with Ariella + Scott. We love games and activities such as baking, arts + crafts, and yes, being from baltimore... We are Raven's Maniacs! Go Ravens!!! We are you average family that loves to spend time together and with family and friends.
I have to say, I'm really excited to explore this world of blogging.... HERE WE GO!!!!!

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My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Hey April,

I {heart} your first post, and, as I predicted, already your great at this! I told you that you were a natural. I hope that you have as much fun and meet as many 'fantabulous' people as I have along the way.